EP / 2015

by Agatha

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released June 30, 2015

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by the Joester (Left Field Studios) in Olympia, WA the Summer of 2014.




Agatha Seattle, Washington

We are a queer punk band from Seattle/Olympia WA.

Kaelen - vox
Kari - guitar and vox
Nein - bass and vox
Josef - drums

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Track Name: Heavy
My heart feels heave like lead
There is an aching feeling that
there is an unknown pleasure that
sneaks into my room takes space in my bed and feels heavy like lead

and feels heavy like lead
this unknown moment
this psychic sister
my body remembers what my brain would silence

when my arms start to ache with shame
when my fears manifest
ill rest my weary head in this bed
and my heart feels heavy like lead

These eyes are filled with blood
from the feverish dreams I expel in the night
And these ditches are filled with mud
With this body and thoughts that I lost in the dark
Track Name: The Moon
I felt the moon sigh and it meant nothing to me, tasted of nothing, smelled of nothing and that was comforting.
Broken bones and rusted homes are all that I am seeing/feeling. When you look at me can you see them too?
Aren’t we all here to cloud the clear? Were here, were queer, were fucked, were still alive, out of sight and were shining so bright.
Well make it out, hand to hand and mouth to mouth to mouth to mouth.
I will call you within your name, dedicated to mistakes. Not if your willed to but if you want to, a sisterhood without due.
This line about life this line about flight at the most survive at the least survive.
Track Name: You Know You
I know I’m desperate cuz/I pray to my mother for sleep/Jezus Christ up on the cross/Didn’t die for me
They say were dead/Were not dead/Got hallowed hands /Clay fist full of lead/Whatd they say?

What to you? /If you want to: you know you/If you want, you. /I’ll say it again.

What is the difference between assimilation and self hate?
It is a knowing and a seeing and an operation day by day.
I know the difference, you know the difference.
Track Name: Rotten Thrones
With hoops of gold and gilded light
I invoke the spirits of the night
Feel this heat on these dirty dark streets
Flickering flames, we both feel this pain

Stiletto heels and sequined skies
lets burn a hole so deep, so bright
these heavy secrets we'll let go tonight
We'll refuse to run, We'll refuse to die

you know youve gotta let me know
cuz if you ask me then ill show

this is the sounds sound anyway

Have you ever wondered what would happen if one day/everyone just refused?
These rotten thrones arent worth the oak from which theyre made/lets build a fire put them to use.

We dont know, but if we want to, well know.

And when we pull ourselves up from hell, will they see us together, never to be pulled apart?
No we cant be pulled apart.

Light a match and watch the fire spark and then well know
open the floodgates watch the waterfall and then well know
clear the ground and feel the earth shake and then well know
open the window feel the air stream and then well know

This is the sound of my hands shaking
This is the sound of our hearts changing
This is the sound of our minds waking
This is the sound of my body quaking

This is my body, this is my power
its thin, its thin, this second skin
This is my body, this is my power
its breaking through, its breaking in